The Independent Crime Commission and Commercial Crime Service was set up in response to an increase in complaints regarding Binary Options crime activity primarily, but not exclusively, across the internet. The ICC-CSS body is independently funded and holds no affiliation, shared interest or partnership with any Binary Options brokers, services or any businesses associated with Binary Options.

ICC-CSS investigates reported Binary Options Crimes complaint without prejudice and thus does not intend to promote or slander any businesses related to Binary Options. This Crime Commission holds no responsibility for any losses or gains made directly or indirectly as a result of any information made on this website.

The aim is to provide an unbiased analysis for each Binary Options crime complaint, broker or service. Such analysis will be obtained by methods of research and information available only at the time and will be publicised in our archives. Should new evidence be presented on a Binary Options crime publication that may change the outcome of the presented verdict, the publication may be rewritten, recategorised and/or otherwise removed from the archives.

New claims and complaints regarding any suspected Binary Options crime activity can be made via the contact page of this website, likewise with publication review requests.

What Are Binary Options?

A Binary Option is a type of option in that can have only two possible outcomes. Usually a trade is made by placing a fixed monetary amount for a predetermined return (should the said prediction be correct) or nothing at all (should the said prediction be incorrect). A prediction is simply if a certain asset or commodity will rise in value or fall in value with in a specific time frame; hence the term “Binary”. Generally, such trades have a high level of controllability for the individual who is placing the trade, often traders have the option to sell their position early should they no longer wish to continue with their prediction.

Short educational presentation about Binary Options

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ICC-CSS originates from Britain, however the services and publications offered are not exclusively aimed at British citizens and are available to any individual seeking unbiased Binary Options crime analysis worldwide.